Huckleberry Farm started in the 1970's as Josh's fathers dream of having a home outside of the city, where his family could enjoy farm living on an equestrian farm.  As a child Josh's fondest memories are the freedom to explore and wander the family farm.  As time progressed, Josh's dad passed away and the family farm was sold.  All that remained was a some signs and horse blankets in our basement.  Josh always hoped to bring the farm back, and of course the name Huckleberry Farm.  In 2008 Josh began his own horse farm and Huckleberry Farm Retuned.  Throughout the preceding decade the farm has moved three times as the needs of the family grew.  The focus also changed from Horses to Agricultural initiatives, to Natural and Organic farming methods, to our new completely holistic approach to Agriculture, Food, Health and Beauty, and more.  The word Huckleberry when used in the 1800's vernacular as "I'm your Huckleberry" has a meaning that clearly works with our mission. As we are your Huckleberry...……. you can count and depend on us to provide only the healthiest, tastiest, best products for you, your family and our environments.  Today, Huckleberry farm is a combination farm, Homestead, Experiment and community focused endeavor.  From our family to yours Amy, Myself, Noah, Zachary, Emily and Savannah thank you for making our family a part of yours.

We have been very fortunate through the years to have our children be a huge part of our lives, from homeschooling, to working together we share a bond that helps make this endeavor even more special.  Our family bond is the strength and inspiration in all we do.  While many married couples are indeed best friends, Amy and I get to work together each and every day doing what we love together.  

Amy graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Exercise Science, and quickly realized her true dream was to be an interior decorator.  While getting to a point where she could pursue her dreams, Amy took a detour doing something else she truly loved...……..working with children.  As an educator in an elementary school setting, Amy was loved by the children and known for being goofy and fun.  Each morning she would hold the door open for the children and have some funny saying, memorable experience or story to share to help make their day more special.    In pursuing her dream of interior decorating Amy embraced her creativity. Both disciplines work well together on our family homestead as our lifestyle is both physically demanding while requiring a healthy dose of creativity. Amy's positive attitude and can do spirit are an inspiration to our entire family.  Amy's enthusiasm and pride can be seen in every product we produce.  They truly are all labors of love for her.

Josh graduated from Saint Anselm College with a degree in Philosphy.  Josh pursued his degree while serving in the United States Army first as a Combat Engineer and then as a Chaplains Assistant.  Josh was considering a career in the ministry when he took a detour and became a high school teacher and coach instead.  Josh was fortunate to travel the world in his roles as an exchange coordinator, and held many jobs in varied professions before achieving his dream of living a homestead lifestyle. Josh serves his community as a volunteer firefighter, and has served in many volunteer organizations.  Josh loves to plan and take on projects, he gets great pride seeing things that he creates in his mind come to fruition and work as planned.  Josh is very excited to share his families products with you. His attention to detail and can do attitude are present in every product we produce. Like Amy each product is a labor of love that he hopes you will love too.

Noah is our oldest son and serves as a volunteer firefighter with Josh.  Noah is a dreamer and is always coming up with new ideas.  Noah has embraced the homestead lifestyle and loves the idea of producing our own products, and being self sufficient while practicing environmentally sound practices.  Noah loves to tinker with our mechanical equipment and operate our heavy equipment.  Noah is a bundle of energy and we are proud to work side by side with him each and every day.  Noah is currently finishing off his house on our homestead.

Emily is currently attending university studying Illustration and is not currently living or working on the family homestead.  We are excited to see Emily pursue her dreams.  Emily is driven to pursue her dreams and is an inspiration to us all.

Zachary is currently finishing his high school in a non traditional environment.  Zachary loves to spend time outdoors, loves animals and especially loves exploring our property and creek.  Zach is a talented photographer and many of his photos are utilized as our product pictures in our online store.  Zach plans to remain on the homestead upon graduation and participate in the family farm and all the excitement surrounding such a lifestyle.  Zach is currently finishing off his house on our homestead.

Savannah is our youngest.  As an energetic five year old she has a love of art. She is truly a remarkable and accomplished artist already at five years old.  She is very active and curious and loves to spend time outside on the homestead and exploring the creek with her brother Zach.  Savannah helps with many of our projects and we like to tell her she is the "Boss".  Hopefully you will see the whimsy in having a five year old boss in the quality controls and project management of a five year.  Just kidding but dont tell her.

Our family has two dogs Rica and Keta, our goats Daisy, Suzy and Zipper, Our Chickens, Pigs, Ducks and more.