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CSA's have historically existed as a way to help local farmers and producers while also providing added value to the local community.  A traditional CSA helps a farmer by getting buy in (financial) from individuals, families and businesses who pay a certain amount and are guaranteed a set amount of farm grown products or produce on a set schedule.  There is normally no guarantee as to what you will receive, just that you will receive a certain amount of farmer selected items.  The farmer gets money to help pay for things such as seeding, preparation and other expenses, and you get deeply discounted products.  Its a win win.  

Our CSA is a bit different.  As with all things we do at Huckleberry Farm we strive to only bring items to market that are uniquely different and quite honestly better.  When we approached our CSA offering we decided we did not want to be "just another" CSA.  Therefore we decided our CSA would be different. From different offerings, to client choice, to the little differences that make our CSA special.  We even offer pick up at the farm or delivery service.  Each delivery you will receive the very best products, and a few recipes for each product on how to use them. If it is a prepared product you will learn how it is served, how it was made, etc.  We will also include free gifts and products from time to time, as well as stories, and other how to instructions so you can bring a little Homestead Lifestyle into your home.  We also like feedback.  If you receive something that is not up to our highest standards and yours, let us know we will replace it.  If you receive a product that you do not like, we will ensure your CSA deliveries no longer include it moving forward.  What a refreshing approach to a CSA.

As with all CSA's ours works off a participant list.  We continue to increase our production and offerings as our CSA's are very popular.  If you are interested in seeing if we have openings on our CSA's please fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.  

Our sincere thanks from our family to yours.

Produce CSA

Enjoy wholesome farm fresh produce that is not full of all those harmful fertilizers, pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.  Feel good about feeding your family healthy and nutritious foods that are not only good for you but good for our planet.  Our Produce CSA includes recipes, preparation instructions, fun stories and free gifts and seasoning packets from time to time.

Pork, Chicken, Beef or Assorted  Meat CSA

Its' more important than ever to know where your meat is coming from.  We all know that Supermarkets are great at displaying their meats so they look pleasing. But whats behind your meat?  We have all seen the investigative reports on how the animals we eat are treated.  Its truly horrifying.  Not at Huckleberry Farm.  Our happy animals are fed a healthy diet free of chemicals, GMO's steroids, and other dangerous things. Our animals enjoy their time on our farm and are treated with kindness and love.  We are so particular that many of our animals are fed our very own feed so we can guarantee what they are eating, and are given every opportunity to free range.  For some of the best meat you and your family will ever enjoy, trust Huckleberry Farm.


Its true, Farm Fresh Eggs are so much better than store bought.  Our Chickens are fed our own blend of feed that we make ourselves, we supplement that feed with sprouts that we grow, and allow our Chickens access to Free range to their hearts content.  Our well loved and named laying hens reward us with health eggs, that come from healthy chickens. No medications, no GMO's no nonsense, just honest to goodness eggs from Happy Chickens.

Baked Goods CSA

What is the bread you buy at the grocery store?  Is it actually real bread any more.  We found all the selections at the grocery store were soft, flavorless, non-nutritive, and we became concerned when we read the ingredients list.  We decided to do something about it for our family.  We began experimenting and came up with a bunch of amazing recipes. They all have simple ingredients, and are all natural and healthy.  Oh and guess what they are truly the best bread anywhere.  We began giving away our breads to family, friends, and neighbors, and soon thereafter we could not produce it fast enough.  Once you have your first bite, you will never go back to factory produced, chemically altered breads you used to enjoy.  For an amazing experience pair our bread with our homemade butter.  We also include from time to time oil mixes, and seasoning packets.  We offer dozens of varieties of breads from standard Artisan Loafs to our one of a kind unforgettable Cinnamon Swirl Loaf.  Try some today.

Snack Food CSA

Ok we know what you are thinking (snack foods are not healthy).  Guess what ours are.  Obviously some are better when consumed in moderation, however every snack food we produce is all natural, containing only simple ingredients, and most of our snack foods will spoil you.  To quote a customer "you have ruined me for ever, I can never eat Honey Roasted Peanuts from the store again"  or another customer  "Your Chocolate, Almond Cranberry Bark should be illegal".  Dont take our work for it, try our products today, you dont have to pay more to get amazing products.   At Huckleberry Farm our products are not even in the same league as what you get at the store, and you dont have to break the bank to enjoy our wonderful products every day.

Butter CSA

Our homemade butter is still made in small batches by hand with love, care and craftsmanship.  You can feel good knowing our butter is made from two ingredients (unless you choose flavored options), those ingredients are just all natural cream and if salted then organic sea salt.  That's it.  So why does it taste so much better than store bought?   We believe that the extra ingredients found in your store brands change the taste, we also believe that the process by which we churn our butter in small batches gives it a silky smooth texture, melt in your mouth consistency and taste that is beyond compare.  We offer plain, salted, and flavored varieties as well as seasonal selections.

​From Our Kitchen CSA

A customer favorite.  Each delivery you will receive curated items that are not only unique, many are not offered by us any other way.  This is where we get to experience our very favorite and beloved items for our customer friends who want experience truly one of the kind products.  From mouth watering desserts, to exquisite snacks, to our more time consuming products.  Each delivery you will enjoy the very best of the best, but will also enjoy knowing you are part of a very selective group of people to enjoy these products.  We also include free gifts from time to time.

Farm Choice CSA

Do you like surprises?  If so our farmer curated selection in our Farm Choice CSA is the right choice for you.  Each delivery you will receive a selection that will include any of the following.  Produce, Eggs and Meats.  This is our most economical CSA and allows you to be adventurous.  We will always include recipes and preparation instructions. We also include free gifts from time to time.

Health & Beauty CSA

It's time to stop putting all those chemicals on you and your family.  At Huckleberry Farm we have worked tirelessly to create products that are not only good for you, your family and the environment, but are actually far better than anything you can buy in the store.  Our Health and Beauty CSA allows you try some of the very best health and beauty products available on the planet. Made from all natural ingredients, you can feel good and still pamper yourself.  Our health and beauty selection includes personal hygiene items, cleaning products and additional assorted products from soaps, candles,  lip balm, muscle rubs and so much more.  We also share our newest products as free gifts to our Health and Beauty CSA members to get your feedback prior to introducing new products for sale. So look forward to our free gifts from time to time, and please provide us with your feedback.